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What is Wax Seal Jewelry?

October 28, 2019 2 min read

What is Wax Seal Jewelry?

Most people think of wax seals as being an enclosure for a paper document, but the origins of wax seals date back to before pen and paper were invented. Today wax seals are incorporated into jewelry and other accessories as a nod to a simpler time when ornate designs and meaningful symbols mattered.

The History of the Wax Seal

Dating back to early Mesopotamia civilizations, the first wax seals were decorative cylinders that left clay impressions on early writing tablets. Once paper stationery and ink became the instruments used for important documents, custom wax seals made with emblems, monograms, or a coat of arms were used to seal the documents. The unique wax seals acted as a mark similar to a signature today. 

Throughout the medieval period, wax seals were used to maintain confidentiality when sending letters by messenger. A broken wax seal meant that the letter was tampered with along the way. The 20th Century introduced sealed envelopes and structured postage, leading to a decline in wax seal popularity. Today, wax seals are the most special and heartfelt way to seal a personal, handwritten letter and the beauty of wax seals extends beyond letters.

How is Wax Seal Jewelry Made?

Wax Seal Jewelry Imprint

To preserve the beauty of historic wax seals for years to come, a process is used to create handmade wax seal jewelry. 

  • Step 1: A wax model is made using the original antique wax seal stamp.
  • Step 2: The wax model is prepared for lost wax casting and made into sterling silver, brass, bronze, or gold.
  • Step 3: The pieces are then finished and polished by hand.
  • Step 4: Each new wax seal jewelry piece is one-of-a-kind and takes at least 2-3 days to complete. 

Type of Wax Seal Jewelry

The most common wax seal jewelry pieces are pendants; however, bracelets, rings, earrings, and key chains can all be fashioned to include gorgeous and meaningful wax seals. 

Wax Seal Pendants

Pendants adorned with wax seal imprints are available in unlimited variations.


Wax Seal Pendant


Wax Seal Earrings

Smaller, more delicate wax seal imprints are possible on earrings. 


Wax Seal Jewelry- Heart Dangles


Wax Seal Bracelets

Wax seal bracelets make for the perfect final piece in a complete wax seal jewelry set.

Wax Seal Bracelet

Wax Seal Rings

Even rings can be customized with wax seals to symbolize special relationships or life changing events. 

Wax Seal Jewelry Faith Not Fear

Ideas for Customizing Wax Seal Jewelry

Authentic wax seal jewelry is handmade, so no piece is ever the same as another. Beyond that, there are thousands of ways to personalize and customize your special wax seal jewelry. Here are a few ideas:

  • Monograms
  • Compass coordinates
  • Family crest
  • Important date
  • Esoteric message
  • Custom art

Wax seal jewelry allows its curator to create a piece of jewelry as a gift or keepsake with unsurpassed meaning. Wax seal jewelry makes for a unique and heartfelt gift that immortalizes an antique wax seal into a heirloom piece of jewelry to be cherished for decades to come. 



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