Jewelry Care

General Jewelry Care & Storage

Keep in mind that most jewelry is delicate to some degree. Unfortunately, no matter what you do to protect it, metal will dull and tarnish over time. Contact with lotion, perfume, and daily perspiration will eventually take its toll on jewelry. Moisture and humidly make this happen even faster.

We have also found that if you live close to the ocean or in an area that is more humid, your jewelry may need extra care to keep it looking shiny and new. And, as convenient as it may be to store your jewelry in the bathroom, this too is a bad idea. Store your jewelry in airtight containers or a resealable plastic bag when not in use, this will protect your piece from humidity and prevent tarnishing and scratches when not in use.

A clever little trick is to place a piece of chalk or a silica packet, (you know the kind that comes with a new pair of shoes or purse?) in your jewelry box to collect humidity and delay tarnish. For all of these situations you'll find that a quick wipe with a polishing cloth will return it's luster and remove any tarnish.

You love your jewelry, we get it, but we always recommend removing it before working out or doing household chores that cause perspiration, this will quickly dull your jewelry and you'll find the back of your pendant will look as though it's collected a layer of grime.

The most frequent question we receive is how to remove this build up. We sell little polishing pads that are cellular foam with permanently bonded micro-abrasives that will quickly remove the build up. 



Sterling Silver, Fine Silver & Oxidized Silver

 All fine silver and sterling silver jewelry will eventually need care as age and exposure to everyday elements take a toll on it . Moisture, humidity, and perfumes, can cause your jewelry to tarnish but a quick wipe with a polishing cloth will quickly return it's luster. Your wax seal jewelry charm has been oxidized to bring out the details of the charm so it is not recommended that you use any silver creams or dips to clean it. Simply clean with warm soapy water and buff with a soft polishing cloth until you're happy with the look. Store your jewelry in a resealable plastic bag to delay tarnishing and prevent scratches when not in use. We always recommend that you take your jewelry off before swimming in the ocean or chlorinated pools and hot tubs, the chemicals and chlorine will react with the alloys in sterling silver leaving it brown or black.  

All oxidized silver jewelry will eventually become "shiny" again, it's patina will lighten with day-to-day wear, especially if you shower in it and never take it off!  You can always send it back to us to have it re-oxidized. 





Brass Jewelry 

Your Brass charms are easy to care for!  As they age, they will develop a patina and become a warm brown color which can easily be cleaned or shined up to their original appearance by simply buffing with a soft polishing cloth. Do not use chemical cleaners or dips as this will ruin the finish on the charm and may leave it looking spotted.  Use a soft damp cloth to gently rub the piece. Store your jewelry  in a resealable plastic bag to delay  tarnishing and prevent scratches when not in use.  We do not recommend wearing your jewelry in the ocean, pools or hot tubs.

Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold plated charms are made by covering fine silver with a thin layer of gold. The gold plating will eventually wear away, but with proper care, it can last a long time. Do not use chemical cleaners or dips. Use a soft damp cloth to gently rub the piece. Do not over polish the surface of gold plated jewelry, or use an abrasive cloth to polish or "shine-up", each time you polish your piece you're removing a little gold. Store your jewelry in a resealable plastic bag to delay tarnishing and prevent scratches when not in use.  We do not recommend wearing your jewelry in the ocean, pools or hot tubs.




14KT, 10KT and Rose Gold charms and jewelry are easy to care for and clean. Warm soapy water and a soft cloth to polish dry will do the trick. Rose Gold and 10KT gold are very durable and less likely to receive surface scratches from every day wear and tear. 14KT is also durable but slightly softer and therefore you may notice tiny surface scratches on the back of the charm where it may come into contact with other jewelry your wearing. You'll notice that we do not oxidize our gold wax seal charms. That's because gold does not react with sulfur or other oxidizing agents that would cause it to turn and stay black. Rose Gold gets its warm buttery glow from copper, 25.25% to be exact, so if your skin normally reacts to copper you may see slight skin discoloration where the charm comes into contact with your skin.  




We sell polishing pads in our shop here.  We highly recommend these little pads for restoring the luster to your jewelry and removing any tarnish that has built up - they really do the job!


  • Store your jewelry in tarnish prevention cloths or bags 
  • Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place
  • Avoid showering or swimming while wearing your jewelry, pools, and hot tubs contain chemicals that can damage the finish and damage your jewelry
  • Avoid sleeping in your jewelry
  • When jewelry tarnishes, use a pretreated polishing cloth to polish to a shine