How To Select The Perfect Necklace Chain

August 18, 2020 2 min read

How To Select The Perfect Necklace Chain

This is one of our most frequently asked questions! It can be hard to determine what length your necklace should be, especially when you're giving it as a gift.  

We offer several types of sterling silver chains with our wax seal pendants. Lets break them down by style first. 

CABLE CHAIN - For women and men, this chain is our most popular and is 2mm wide with a oval lobster clasp and soldered chain links to prevent breakage. It's perfect for any pendant or medallion in our shop. 

SATELLITE CHAIN - For women, this chain is also very popular and is feminine, petite, and lightweight. It's made of 1.3mm cable links with an oval lobster clasp and features tiny balls every couple of inches. It's perfect for most of the pendants in our shop but is not recommended for the heavier larger medallions we carry.

ROLO CHAIN- For women and men, this chain is very popular with men and is 2mm wide with an oval lobster clasp and soldered chain links to prevent breakage. It's perfect for any pendant or medallion in our shop.

CHAIN FINISH - You can chose between a shiny silver finish or an antiqued finish for your chain. The antiqued finish is by far our most popular and we feel it best compliments our pendants and vintage findings! 



There are several ways to make sure you select the correct length. You can use a necklace chain you currently have, measure it and add or subtract a couple of inches to achieve your desired length. You can also measure a piece of string to length and loop it around your neck to determine where it will hang. If you're in between the lengths we carry, consider adding one of the chain extenders we have in our shop. They're available in 2 and 3 inch lengths and will be added to the end of your necklace making it adjustable.

IF YOU'RE PURCHASING A GIFT we recommend an 18 inch chain for women and a 20 inch chain for men. 

CHAIN EXTENDERS are the perfect solution when you're just not sure, or, even better, when you want to have a chain that offers multiple lengths to accommodate any neckline. 



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