Hand Made Wax Seal Jewelry

Jewelry that connects and celebrates people and their lives. 

Founded in 2001, Shannon Westmeyer Jewelry is a collection of heirloom jewelry, handcrafted from antique wax seals
and vintage-inspired designs using eco-friendly metals to create one of a kind pieces that commemorate your journey and moments to be remembered.

Wax Seal jewelry, inspired by vintage findings and full of whimsical history,
each wax seal charm or medallion tells an endearing story or romantic sentiment. 

Curated by you, our jewelry is a constant reminder to live life well, be here now and celebrate yourself and those around you.

We Care About Mother Earth

Shannon Westmeyer Jewelry embraces the practice of using eco-friendly, recycled materials that encourage social consciousness. Whenever possible we use materials that come from green certified sources and products made entirely in the United States. We use natural or lab grown stones in our designs that avoid harsh mining which makes them earth friendly and more desirable. All of our Wax Seal Jewelry is created using eco-friendly reclaimed silver or bronze. Vintage or reclaimed antique jewelry and gemstones are used in our designs where noted. We purchase our metals from environmentally-friendly refineries and support local businesses and fair-trade communities whenever possible.

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