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The Ultimate Meaningful Gift Guide for Thoughtful Gift Givers

October 28, 2019 3 min read

The Ultimate Meaningful Gift Guide for Thoughtful Gift Givers

With the rise in popularity of professional minimalist organizers like Marie Kondo and Shira Gill, giving thoughtful gifts is more important than ever. Prioritize quality over quantity each time you select a gift for a loved one. 

Shannon Westmeyer Jewelry is a brand with a big heart and we believe that meaningful gifts inspire and encourage and are a symbol of kindness. It is with this sentiment in mind that we curated this ultimate meaningful gift guide.

1. Family Tree Keepsake Necklace

Wax Seal Family Tree

The family tree pendant necklace is handcrafted using an antique wax seal that dates to the 1800's. The back can be stamped with family member names using a vintage French typography set from the mid 1800's. Family tree jewelry is the perfect thoughtful gift for any family matriarch. 

2. Personalized Map

Friends and family who travel will adore a personalized map of the country, national parks, and even the world. Chart your travels, make plans for the future and display your adventures. A customized name plate allows gift givers to add a special touch to this meaningful gift.

3. Succulent Gift Boxes

Give the gift of green with a succulent gift box. Fresh succulents arrive in gorgeous hand crafted planter boxes. Natural gifts are designed to lift spirits and make for thoughtful gifts.

4. Self-Care Gift

Everyone can use a bit of self-care. Gifting self-care to a loved one in the form of a meditation session or yoga classes is a thoughtful gift that shows how much you truly care about your special person's well being.

 5. Nationwide Museum Membership

A little known gift for the historian in your life, the North American Reciprocal Museum Association offers a museum membership that includes a consortium of more than 800 institutions. You will quickly become the most meaningful gift giver around with this thoughtful gift idea.

6. Compass Coordinates Necklace

Compass Coordinates Necklace

Teens aren't always difficult. Remind them that they always have a safe place with you by personalizing a wax seal pendant with the coordinates for home. 

7. Book of the Month

A meaningful gift that enriches the mind and soul, Book of the Month clubs deliver curated books throughout the year. For those who are trying to unplug and curl up in a comfy chair with a good book, your gift will warm a heart. 

8. Wine Club Membership

Still not sure what to get your loved one? Wine lovers who are particular about their wine will love a wine club membership. Select a gift package from a sustainable company like Winc. Seasonal wines are delivered directly to their door for a meaningful gift that continuous to give month after month.

9. Custom Photo Book

Share memories and relive special moments by creating a page-turning book with treasured photos. Remind your loved one of your time together and why their are so special to you.

10. Healthy Meal Subscription

For that super busy person in your life, gift a healthy meal subscription to help them prioritize healthy eating habits without taking up too much time. Subscription meals are available for nearly every diet ranging from vegetarian to gluten free. Maybe they will show their appreciation by asking you to join them for a meal.

Thoughtful gift givers avoid giving the typical gifts in favor of personalized, meaningful gifts that speak directly to a loved one and express their value in your life. Which of these gift ideas is your favorite? Share in the comments.

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