All of our Wax Seal Jewelry is cast using the original wax seal or salvaged seal from antique and historical documents.  Each piece is handmade to order with the utmost attention to detail and care, this means that your jewelry is an original work of art, one of a kind in every regard so expect each piece to be different and unique. Due to the handmade nature of each piece you can expect "flaws" in the form of cracks or crevices, this does not mean that your piece is defective, rather, it's replicating the process that normally occrus when a seal is pressed into wax, so these are to be expected and add charcter to the piece.

Shannon Westmeyer Jewelry embraces the practice of using eco-friendly, recycled materials that encourage social consciousness. Whenever possible we use materials that come from green certified  sources  and  products made entirely in the United States.  We use  natural or lab grown stones in our designs that avoid harsh mining which makes them earth friendly and more desirable.  All of our Wax Seal Jewelry is created using  eco-friendly reclaimed silver.  Vintage or reclaimed antique jewelry and gemstones are used in our designs where noted.  We purchase our metals from enviornmentally-friendly refineries and support local businesses and fair-trade communities whenever possible.

What's the difference between ANTIQUE and ANTIQUED? Antique is old.  Antiqued is something that's made to look old, like a reproduction of a Vintage Antique item. Our jewelry is made using salvaged "Antique" and vintage findings, chains and semiprecious stones.  We also use "Antiqued" findings when appropriate to complete a design.  Read the Details provided with all of our listings to determine when Antique, Antiqued or Vintage components have been used. 

Sorry, we do not inscribe the back of pendants unless otherwise noted.  All of our jewelry is custom made to order using the original seal and stamping the back of pendants will compromise the design on the front. Your local jeweler may be able to assist you with a personal inscription on the back.  If you plan on having your piece engraved, please let us know as all of your jewelry has our branding logo on the back.  

It typically takes 1-2 weeks from the date of your order to create your jewelry.  You'll  receive notification of shipment  via email once your shipping label has been printed.  Please be aware that we currently ship orders within 1-2 weeks of your order date but lead time and delivery times will vary during gift giving holidays.  Please be sure to check the sidebar for important notices regarding lead time and shipping times during the holidays. Please note that selecting a quicker form of shipping does not speed up our production time - we still have to create your jewelry, it simply speeds up the time in which you receive it after shipping. 

Shannon Westmeyer LLC ships worldwide using USPS and UPS.  You may view your shipping options and delivery services here.   

Yes, all international orders are shipped via USPS only.  We do not guarantee delivery times on international shipments due to possible delays in Customs.  Delivery confirmation is not available for International addresses. Your package will arrive in 1-4 weeks after mailing dependent on Customs and your countries International shipping policies.  We're also not responsible for any additional customs taxes, duties, and fees your country assesses to your package, nor can we tell you what they might be.  Please know your countries policy before ordering so you're not surprised with additional fees.

No. All of our jewelry is made using the ACTUAL antique wax seal, we do not make modifications to any seals or their designs.  

Yes.  If you have a custom piece you'd like us to design for you contact us for a price quote.  We can also use your personal seal to cast a pendant for you, please contact us for more info on pricing and size restrictions.  Want to design your own seal or have your family seal cast into a pendant.? We are happy to help, provided you have your own camera ready artwork.  Please note that images must be in black and white and that a digital proof will be provided for your approval prior to production.  We do not do custom design work or redesign of submitted artwork.  This process can take up to 4 weeks to complete so allow for adequate time if your purchase is for a wedding, anniversary or Christmas gift.  As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have on the process.

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