Wax Seal Meanings


The Meanings and Symbolism behind our Wax Seal Jewelry Collection



Eye of Providence Meaning

Pictured is an eye looking through the clouds surrounded by the French caption Qu'il Veille Sur Vous which translates to May it Watch Over You. May it watch over and protect you. The all-seeing eye of providence represents the eye of God watching over humankind and is symbolic of Divine guidance and protection from a higher power. In Victorian times it was also a reminder that the ever-present eye of God was watching. 



Snail Necklace Meaning

Pictured is a snail with the French motto "Toujours chez moi" meaning "Always with me", it's home, home sweet home. I'd like to think that the person that wears this is reminded of home, no matter how far away from home they are. 


Always Sincere Wax Seal Meaning

Pictured is a feather surrounded by the Italian words " sempre sincera" meaning "Always Sincere", in heraldry feathers signify obedience and sincerity. This charm represents someone who is sincere at heart, genuine and frank. Someone who is truthful and open, always faithful and reliable. Perfect for a friend or loved one, or, a reminder to always be your genuine self. 

Anchor Wax Seal Meaning
Pictured is an Anchor with the French caption "L'Espérance Me Soutient" which translates to "Hope Sustains Me". In heraldry, the anchor has long been symbolic of hope. The anchor is also a symbol of stability and a strong foundation, it reminds us to stay grounded or of the person in our life that keeps us grounded.


Bee Silent wax seal meaning

Pictured is a sweet little honey bee with the word "Silent" inscribed on it. Silence is golden. Silence is a virtue. Be silent, or speak something worth hearing. Silence is a source of great strength. Silence is a fence around wisdom. Silence is the mother of truth.
This wax seal necklace tells the ancient Aseop fable of "The Oak and the Reeds". It depicts a giant oak bending in the wind and is surrounded by the Italian caption " Meglio rompersi che piegare" or "Better To Bend Than To Break". This charm is full of symbolism - The Moral of the Story: Better to yield when it is folly to resist than to resist stubbornly and be destroyed. Sometimes it's easier to go with the flow. Your wax seal pendant will come with the original Aesop fable.
Bon Voyage Wax Seal Meaning
This sweet little charm depicts a hot air balloon with the French words "Bon Voyage" which translates to a "Good Journey" or the English translation of "Have a good trip". This phrase is recognized in many languages and is often said to wish someone well that's about to embark on a new journey in life or a long trip.
Pictured is a knight's battle gear - shield, sword, helmet, staff and battleaxe ready for the fight, surrounded by the words "Senza Timore Ne Rimprovero" which translates to "Without Fear I will fight and not Rebuke", fight with determination and valor, to the best of our ability, always forward-there is no going back. 
Pictured is a dog with the inscription "Faithful". The dog has long represented companionship and loyalty, mans best friend steadfast at our side, forever faithful.
Made from a Georgian Era Wax Seal circa early 1700's, King George II, London England. This charm is special and has quite a history. The wax seal we used to make it with was in use during the early 1700's when King George II ruled England. It was purchased at auction in England from an antiquities shop with the story that it belonged to a man in King Georges' court. This man was responsible for the King's correspondence. If this seal could talk! The Crown signifies nobility. The flaming heart signifies burning love and undying passion. The laurel wreath symbolizes achievement of one's hopes and dreams.
Pictured is a single flower, a forget-me-knot, surrounded with the inscription "Forget Me Not". Regarded as an emblem of loving remembrance, faithful love, constancy and undying hope. Remember me always.During the Victorian era, flowers were a means of communication in which various flowers and floral arrangements were used to send coded messages, allowing individuals to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken. The little blue flower of the forget-me-knot was synonymous with true love.
Through eternity; through endless ages; eternally. At all times; always.  I'm yours forever. Pictured is 2 hearts symbolically tied together with the inscription "For Ever".  In England, for and ever are usually written and printed as two separate words.  We adore this necklace, two shiny hearts tied together for eternity. The perfect gift for a loved one, wife, sister, mother or friend.
Aesop Fable Charm - Pictured is a fox eyeing a rooster in a tree with the Italian caption "Astuto Contro Astuto" which translates to "Crafty Outwits Crafty" or "Cunning Outwits Cunning". The moral of the story being that cunning will outwit cunning, and that flattery will get you nowhere This charm is symbolic of one who is clever and witty, one who can see through the bull and trickery and turn the tables on his adversary.


Freedom Makes Me Free Wax Seal Meaning


A little bird sitting atop his birdcage surrounded by the French motto "La Liberte Me Rend Fidele", Freedom Makes Me Faithful. Love is.....freedom, keep me caged and I'm a bird.
This wax seal pendant depicts two hands emerging through the clouds pulling either side of a running knot with the Italian caption above it reading "Piu mi Allontano Piu Serro", which translates to "The Greater the Distance the Closer the Tie". Love is the tie that binds us together. The perfect sentiment for a loved one far away.
Pictured is two hands shaking in friendship with the word "Friendship" inscribed on it. The hand is a symbol of sincerity in friendship, business, and love. We love this necklace for a sister, mother or special friend. This is also popular as a Bridesmaid necklace.
This pendants pictures a prancing horse surrounded by the French saying " Fier Mais Sensible" which translates to "High-spirited but Sensitive", having a proud or unbridled spirit while remaining compassionate to the feelings of others.
Birds symbolize love, friendship, and peace, paired together they symbolize love, drinking together at a fountain they are said to be paired soul mates traveling through life together.
Depicted is a hand holding a heart in its palm, flanked on either side by the tiny words "Love" and "Truth". Two very symbolic words when used together, for one cannot have Love without Truth. The hand was a frequently used symbol during the Victorian era, it symbolized friendship and sincerity. The heart has long been symbolic of love, translated to "You hold my heart in your hand", "I give you my heart".  


Lyre Wax Seal Meaning


The four string lyre of the Greek god Hermes. Each string symbolically represents the four seasons of the year and is a representation of living life in harmony.
The Dove is the messenger of peace and hope and symbolizes patience and tenderness. They are also the messengers of love. In Greek mythology, the dove represents the renewal of life.
This charm depicts an Eagle atop a hair with the inscription reading "piu Speranza" which translates roughly to "there is no hope" or "no quarter" that will be given to my opponent. I shall give it no mercy, no retreat to shelter or protection. Once I start, I'm not stopping. The person that wears this charm is a fighter, someone who does not back down from challenges or adversity.
A Dove is the messenger of peace and hope and symbolizes patience and tenderness. They are also the messengers of love. In Greek mythology, the dove represents the renewal of life. The dove bearing an olive branch is a token of inspiration and bringer of peace and good tidings. 
Aesop Fable Wax Seal of the Tortoise and the Hare where we learn that "Slow and steady wins the race", anything can be accomplished with hard work and determination. Being an overconfident braggart, the hare, in this case, will get you nowhere fast.
Pictured is a ship being tossed in the waves with "Such is Life" inscribed on it. A ship in waves indicates change. Translation: Sail through lifes storms, be brave. "Such is life, that whatever is proposed, it is much easier to find reasons for rejecting than embracing." Such is Life mirrors the French 'C'est la vie', which equates to the English 'that's life', or 'life's like that'.  
This seal depicts a crest with 2 rampant lions supporting a shield atop the Latin motto "Sustine et Abstine" which translates to "Hold On and Hold Off" or "Bear and Forbear", to be in control ofone's self and destiny.  Be patient and endure.  
This wax seal pendant depicts a Woodbine entwined around the trunk of an oak tree surrounded by the Italian caption "je meurs ou je attache" which translates to "I die where I'm attached" or 'Attached until death" - Till Death Do us Part. This charm is full of symbolism, the oak trunk represents strength and being firmly rooted or grounded, while the Woodbine is symbolic of life, love, and new beginnings. The Woodbine is a representation of the love that injures nothing to which it clings. Also called honeysuckle, the Woodbine is a climbing vine that does not damage what it attaches to....such an endearing sentiment!
Pictured is a little butterfly landing on the soft petals of a flower ready to drink its sweet nectar, surrounded with the tiny French caption "ta douceur est ma vie" - translated to "your sweetness is my life" or "you sustain me". What a romantic pendant for the butterfly could not live without the nectar of the flowers. We are attached, the butterfly to the flower and the flower to the butterfly, without you I could not exist.