US ORDERS - At present time we are here for you still doing what we love through this unprecedented time in our history. I'm personally hearing from our customers that they are taking inspiration and hope from our jewelry and sending it to family, friends and loved ones that they are unable to see. That's why we're here and that's why we'll remain to be here through this crazy time doing what we can to help and support our community.

*Most USPS retail locations have reopened and are running with intermittent delays. Please see for USPS delivery information and delay issues in your area.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - We are currently shipping International orders through DHL EXPRESS only due to the problems we were encountering with lost/delayed and stolen packages through USPS. DHL packages typically arrive to your international address within 3-7 business days. This does not include VAT fee’s (taxes and duties) assessed by your country and are in addition to your order. Once customs officials determine the taxes and duties due, the recipient will be contacted to pay any charges so that the shipment can continue to move toward its destination. Indicating that items are a “Gift” or having them sent to a different address in the same country does not mean the fees are waived, these “Gift” items are also assessed fees by your country. We have no control over these fees and because they are constantly changing it's impossible to determine what they may be. 

We've found it's always best to reach out to your local post office or visit their website policies page on how international packages are processed. 


We appreciate your support of our small biz through this time ♥


Stay Safe & Healthy,

Shannon & Team