Founded in 2001, Shannon Westmeyer Jewelry is a collection of heirloom jewelry, handcrafted from antique wax seals and vintage inspired designs using eco-friendly metals to create one of a kind pieces to commemorate moments to be remembered.

One of a kind handcrafted custom jewelry that celebrates and evokes heartfelt sentiment as a celebration of your most special events. Whether purchased as a symbolic gift for yourself or a heartfelt gift to a friend and loved one, each piece is created to celebrate your accomplishments, acknowledge life’s struggles, or even act as an inspirational talisman for the future.

Through a meticulous creative process that begins with sourcing antique and historical wax seals from across the country, researching historical symbolism and heraldry, and detailed handcrafted development, Shannon Westmeyer Jewelry is designed to convey your story in a unique meaningful way.

From handcrafted historical methods, antique and heirloom materials, to a personal, custom design process where you work directly with Shannon herself, you receive a one of a kind piece just as unique as you.

It's Shannon's hope that you'll find something to treasure and love, to pass along its forgotten story,
and embrace its history and timeless beauty.