If I Can I Will

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Meaningful Gift

Meaningful Gift

Handmade in the USA

Handmade in the USA

Every purchase gives back

Every purchase gives back

Hassel free Returns & Exchanges

Hassel free Returns & Exchanges

If I Can I Will.

This wax seal pendant pictures a Stag with the French motto reading IF I CAN, meaning I WILL If I Can.
The Stag indicates one who is skillful but will not fight unless seriously provoked. Once fighting becomes necessary the stag is said to down its enemy. It is also a symbol of peace and harmony - an individual who is politic and a lover of harmony. It also represents the very ancestors of the Celtic race. This is seal of the Colquhoun Clan and dates back to 1424.

This wax seal crest is represents one who will not fight unless provoked and enjoys peace and harmony until pushed or backed into a corner.

How this crest wax seal came to be........

King James I of Scotland commanded Sir John Colquhoun, to seize possession of the well-fortified Dumbarton Castle from the Earl of Lennox, who had become too powerful for the King's comfort. Sir John replied to the King's command in French (the accepted universal language of the time) "Si Je Puis - I will if I can".

Sir John lured out the starving garrison in the castle by setting a large stag loose nearby which he had previously captured, chased by hunting dogs. The starving garrison in the castle saw the stag and, unsuspecting, opened the gates to join in hunt. The Chief's clansmen then stole into the castle, successfully securing it and returning it to the King, without a drop of blood being spilled on either side. In gratitude, the king bestowed on the Chief of Colquhoun a coat of arms with a crest showing a stag's head, bearing the motto "Si Je Puis".

  • Your jewelry comes ready to gift in our signature box with a wax seal meaning card tucked inside. 
  • Size: 3/4"  
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Chain Option: You may chose from a variety of sterling chains *See last picture for reference.
  • Handmade with love in Ohio ♥

Our wax seal jewelry collection is handmade using antique wax seals. To learn more about our process and how we make them, you can read this blog post "What is Wax Seal Jewelry".  

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