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Nautical Wax Seal Necklaces

July 07, 2016 1 min read

Nautical Wax Seal Necklaces

The theme this month is Nautical and we have 3 NEW nautical wax seals to add to our already popular collection! 

From time to time we're lucky enough to add some rare and historical seals to our collection and this is one of those times. The Anchor Wax Seal Necklace and the Ship Wax Seal Necklace were handcrafted using a seal that washed ashore along the banks of the Thames River in England. The wax seal itself is in good condition and is pictured in each of the listings. It's a spinning fob that has images carved in glass on either side. I'm always intrigued by these seals and love the mystery that surrounds them, what their history is and how they ended up along the banks of the Thames River, not to mention what a symbolic necklace they make!

The Medieval Coin Necklace is cast using a hammered Farthing dating to 1279 AD, it was also found along the banks of Thames River, thin and fragile from it's journey, it's imprint is still legible and has a wonderful history!  The gentleman I buy these from in England is a "mudlarker" and makes a living scavenging in the river mud for valuable objects. 

Be sure to checkout our Charm of the Month......the Rose Compass. Symbolic of direction and guidance, it serves as a constant reminder of the path your on and your life's journey. 

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