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How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Her

August 27, 2020 2 min read

Wax Seal Jewelry Gifts for Her

Whether for the holidays or any special occasion, giving to others triggers chemicals in our brains that make us happy. Finding the perfect gift for her is not always easy. If your wife, sister, daughter, or even your mother-in-law are difficult to buy for, you will find these guidelines helpful. 

Make a List of Her Interests 

Meaningful gifts show an understanding of who your loved one is and what makes her special and unique. Anyone can give a simple candle or other generic gift. Only someone who truly understands her interests can give the perfect gift. 

Spend a few minutes writing down her interests. Then, write down one or two gift ideas for each interest. For example, if she is a history buff, she will love the Tiny Crown Wax Seal pendant. Handcast using an antique Victorian era wax seal from the early 1800's, this small pendant would have been collected by Victorian Era women. 

Consider Important Life Events

Compass Coordinates Necklace

Is she aspiring to become a published author? If so, consider writing themed gifts like a custom journal. Did she recently graduate? A custom diploma frame is a truly meaningful and timely gift idea. Is she preparing to leave home and embark upon adventure? A Compass Coordinates Necklace is the perfect gift to remind her of home. Hand stamped custom GPS coordinates add thoughtful personalization. 

Stalk Their Social Media Accounts

From time to time, we tend to post our wish list or a few things that we love on social media. Pinterest is the best place to find gift ideas. Search for her name on Pinterest and then look for a board called Favorites or Must Haves. At the very least, you will learn more about her taste and be more prepared to gift shop.

Make It Personal

Do you share a favorite song with her? Have you visited a special place with her that is memorable for both of you? Creating a personal gift is sure to warm her heart. Compile a scrapbook, paint a canvas, or personalize an object. A Monogram Initial Medallion Bracelet is a heritage piece with a personal touch.

Monogram Medallion Bracelet

 A Gift That Keeps On Giving

With the rising popularity of subscription boxes, there is literally one for every interest. Here are a few thoughtful subscription box ideas:

  • Meal plan subscription
  • Coffee and tea subscription box
  • Wine of the month club
  • Beauty supply subscription box

Not only will the gift be immediately appreciated, but she will think of you every time a new box is delivered. 

Give to Charity

If she is a minimalist or truly has everything she needs, make a charitable donation in her name. Identify a cause that she is passionate about and present her with a card showing the dollar amount that was given in her honor. 

Now that you have the tips you need to give a meaningful gift sure to bring tears to her eyes, its time to shop! 

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