December 16, 2015 1 min read

I wanted to share the story behind one of our new designs! I love the history and meaning behind the seals we collect, but, this one is particularly interesting. The wax seal used to make this pendant was found on the banks of the famed Thames river outside of London England and dates back to the mid 1700’s. It’s worn and the mount is broken and fragile, but after a careful cleaning and adding a sealant to protect it, it’s design can still be seen when impressed into clay. It was common practice that personal seals would often be destroyed after their owner had passed, in this case thrown into the Thames river for whatever reason, and washed up 200 years later to be found by a gentleman that frequents the banks looking for treasures. I can’t help but wonder about it’s story, did it’s owner throw it into the river after losing “Hope and Love”, or was it tossed in after someone’s beloved had passed? It will remain a mystery, but it’s symbolic message can still be shared in this meaningful pendant.